Hockey is not the only religion in this country.
Starring Vinay Virmani, Rob Lowe, Camilla Belle, Ashkay Kumar and Russell Peters.

Despite his father’s strong traditional Sikh beliefs, Rajveer (Singh) casts aside his turban and dons a helmet to pursue his dream of playing hockey. Rajveer yearns to find acceptance and although a gifted player, he struggles to succeed in this predominantly white-man’s sport. Caught between trying to reconcile his family’s expectations and following his dream, Raj enlists the help of former NHL’er, Coach Winters (Lowe) while romancing the coach’s kid sister (Belle). Although being constantly undermined by his entitled cousin (Peters), Raj puts together a Sikh hockey team and to the delight of the community, makes a run for the Cup and begins a journey to find his true self and gain respect. Canada’s favourite sport infused with Bollywood energy.