Cra$h & Burn

Honesty is the best policy. Lying, cheating and stealing works pretty good, too.
Starring Luke Kirby, Caroline Cave, Leela Savasta, Steve Bacic and Clark Johnson.

Jimmy Burn (Kirby), a young streetwise claims adjuster for a cutthroat corporation, maneuvers his way around insurance scams and the criminal underworld while trying to escape his troubled past. With nothing to guide him but his own moral code, Burn navigates the gritty streets of Hamilton (“The Hammer”) running the gauntlet of scam artists and organized crime figures – a dangerous game to be sure but nothing compared to the lethal back stabbing office politics.  Burn struggles to make a better life for himself and grab a piece of the middle-class dream of – home, family, security. But as anyone in insurance can tell you, security is a myth created to sell bigger policies.