Visitors to the site have access to exclusive cast interviews, behind the scenes footage, episode guides, and “Protected” office comedy sketches. The site also offers two immersive digital experiences to allow visitors to interact with the show and its characters. “Autotopsy” deconstructs a major accident at an intersection. We arrive on the scene with adjuster Jimmy Burn (played by Luke Kirby) and take in the “Aftermath”. Then we transition back in time to the “Point of Impact” a navigable in-depth look at the collision. From here we can access Jimmy’s feedback on the accident, learn the repercussions from an insurance standpoint, and experience the approach to the crash from those involved.


Protected Detective: Branch Investigation” allows viewers to become involved in the interrogation of Protected employees suspected of insurance fraud and determine the perpetrator through an on-line vote. Users are able to make choices that alter the line of questioning and change the course of the investigation. When the polls close, the suspect with the greatest number of votes is fired–but in this skewed world more twists are in store.