Passchendaele The

Passchendaele Online is an engaging, interactive website designed to inform and entertain viewers by bringing a significant period in Canadian history to life. Supporting the broadcast of the documentary, The Road to Passchendaele, the website is designed to provide a permanent resource to complement the epic feature film, in the form of a comprehensive overview of Canada’s involvement in the First World War. Content that focuses on the feature film includes a director's blog, behind the scenes footage and narrated letters home from soldier Michael Dunne. The Great War section encompasses the following chapters: Eve of War, The War Years and Wake of War. The interactive In Their Boots section allows visitors to become immersed in the wartime experiences of ten different individuals involved in the war effort, providing the site with real depth and impact. A comprehensive education guide with a robust on-line component went out to secondary schools across the country to offer a contextual overview of Canada in the First World War.