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Love is the most dangerous subject.

Whizbang’s focus — the following television streams: drama and comedy series, limited series, mini-series, television movies, documentaries, factual programming.

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Beauty and the Beast

How brave is your love?

Good Witch - Featured Image.

Good Witch (Parts I – VII)

A bewitching woman brings a little mystery to a small town

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The Yard

It's a tough world out there: corruption, greed, violence, seduction and betrayal—and that's just recess.

The Trojan Horse - Featured Image

The Trojan Horse

A fearless journalist. A ruthless politician. A conspiracy that could bring down the free world.

For the Love of Grace

When your life flashes before you – sparks can fly.

Bridal Fever

You better be careful…it might be catching.


The Horses of McBride

When Nicki discovers two horses stranded deep in the Rocky Mountain snow, she is determined to find a way to set them free.


His Turn (Pilot)

It's never too late to fix family.

Cra$h & Burn - Featured Image

Cra$h & Burn

Honesty is the best policy. Lying, cheating and stealing works pretty good, too.

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ZOS: Zone of Separation

The truth is a lie.


A dead prime minister. A country in turmoil. A battle for Canada’s most precious resource – water.