The Trojan Horse

A fearless journalist. A ruthless politician. A conspiracy that could bring down the free world.
Starring Paul Gross, Greta Scacchi and Tom Skerritt.

A political thriller set in the near future, The Trojan Horse finds Canada’s last Prime Minister, Tom McLaughlin (Gross), watching helplessly from the sidelines as the majority votes to dissolve the country and merge with the U. S. The world’s longest undefended border is erased and five new states are created in the aftermath of this shocking referendum. But nothing is quite what it appears in this dangerously complex world of power, deception and intrigue. Soon McLaughlin’s hidden agenda begins to emerge. Backed by a nefarious triumvirate of European moneymen, he makes a run at the presidency of the United States of America. A veteran journalist, Helen Madigan (Scacchi), uncovers a vote fixing plot and attempts to expose the corruption of the current administration but soon realizes the truth about the root of the deadly subterfuge. The Trojan Horse is deep within the walls of the fortress.